Polyester vs. Cotton- Which is the best for you?

Polyester vs. Cotton

There is lot of difference between Polyester & Cotton, so what’s the difference?  There are people who prefer to buy cotton but polyester is pretty attractive and cheaper, isn’t it? But that is not the case always.

The choice of preference for polyester and cotton is always dicey for consumers. But the real trick hidden behind is to know the pros and cons of the material. A group of people may prefer only 100% cotton because it is easy to stitch and at ease for skin. While others prefer polyester as it is long lasting and less at expense.

Let’s look forward on each material.


  • Breathable: Body temperature remain stable and also is a natural fiber which lets your skin breathe keeping your body moisturized.
  • Soft, but strong:The fibers are less rough than polyester, so it makes your skin feel good.
  • Great for sensitive skin: Because of its soft texture it is good for people with sensitive tolerate also it is made with less chemical processing.


  • Long lasting:It is a man-made fiber.  It’s very strong and one can easily withstand the wear and tear of product.
  • Less fading: It hold dye well which prevent fading, but doesn’t look as “rich” of a color as cotton. High-quality polyester is good in holding shape and doesn’t shrink.
  • Dries quickly: Unlike cotton, it dries super-fast. So if you want to reduce that electricity bill, you might want to sew polyester clothing.

Mixture of Poly/Cotton

This is the best of both worlds. Manufactures take the best of both qualities of material and stitch them together to make one fabric which is great for apparel/clothing.
People will mostly suggest to stick to 100% cotton as it is easy to use and doesn’t shrink inappropriately.

We at BULKD, would suggest to experiment with as much fabric as you can and make the best choice. After all it’s all about the preference of the sewer and how they like to stitch.

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